Child Support

Without a doubt, child support is a serious matter. Whether you’re paying child support or receiving it, it’s important to ensure that your kids are taken care of and receive what’s needed for a healthy and happy life. The state of California has laws in place, so both parties aren’t taken advantage of. The laws guide how back support payments are handled and modifications in child support. If you have any questions or concerns surrounding child support, turn for help from attorney William N. Watkins. He’s experienced and highly knowledgeable about the child support laws in California.

Los Angeles Child Support Lawyer

In California, both parents are required to financially support the minor child.  Child support is the amount of money that one parent pays to the other to equalize the financial responsibility.  The amount of child support is arrived by inputting several numbers into a formula.  The main factors that are taken into consideration are: (1) Dad’s gross monthly income (2) Mom’s gross monthly income and (3) Percentage of time that is spent with the child. All California courts follow the same guidelines and use a sophisticated computer program called a Dissomaster TM to calculate the amount of child support. Here’s where attorney William N. Watkins can be of assistance. He will negotiate certain items with the other spouse to ensure the proper amount of child support is paid and/or received each month.

Southbay Child Support Attorney: William N. Watkins

If you feel that child support should be lowered or raised, contact attorney William N. Watkins to take action. Don’t sit on your rights. Modifications can typically be done in the following circumstances:

  • Loss of job
  • Substantial increase or decrease in income of either parent
  • The addition of new children, not including stepchildren
  • The custody percentage has increased
  • The original amount computed was incorrect

It’s important to note that modifications to the original child support order do not happen automatically.  You need to take action.  If circumstances have changed in your case that require a modification of the child support amount, it is critical that you contact attorney William N. Watkins to have the amount modified immediately.

Whether you’re seeking to determine the amount of child support or a modification, turn to attorney William N. Watkins for the best legal advice.

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