If you’re considering a divorce in California, there are basically three options – divorce mediation, arbitration and litigation. To learn which option best fits your situation, turn to attorney William N. Watkins. This Los Angeles divorce lawyer has years of experience and will take the time to listen to and evaluate your situation. No question is too small, and no question is too big.

Southbay Divorce Attorney: William N. Watkins

When compared to litigation, divorce mediation is less time consuming, expensive and contentious. Unlike litigation or arbitration, the only two parties making the decisions are those involved in the dispute. The mediator is typically a judge or an attorney. As a matter of fact, attorney William N. Watkins is trained and experienced to act as a divorce mediator. Several joint meetings are typically needed to resolve issues. Divorce mediation can be used to settle disputes, such as property division, spousal support, child custody and child support. Arbitration is similar to the process of divorce mediation, however, it is the arbitration panel that makes the final decisions.

William N. Watkins: Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer

When divorce mediation and arbitration don’t result in an agreed settlement, litigation is the only option. Many important decisions must be made early on. During the pre-trial and pre-settlement phase, attorney William N. Watkins will guide you through the procedures, such as discovery, depositions and filing motions. The discovery period is when he will be gathering information about your spouse, financial records and other information. For example, if you are entitled to your spouse’s pension plan or 401K, attorney Williams N. Watkins will find out all those details. Depositions are used to pin down witnesses on specific issues regarding important issues prior to going to trial. Sometimes, these tools result in a settlement before even going to trial. If the case actually goes to a trial, you can feel confident that attorney William N. Watkins is a strong litigator. He has the right skill set to aggressively seek the best outcome on your behalf.

Divorce is always an emotional process, and William N. Watkins does his best to make it as smooth as possible. He’s available to answer any questions and to address your concerns. Whether you choose this Southbay divorce attorney to assist in divorce mediation, arbitration or litigation, attorney William N. Watkins provides experienced legal knowledge to guide you and is committed to seeing that your rights are fully protected.

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